Free Parking

Abundant parking

For all tenants & your customers

If there’s one complaint to be had about downtown Grand Rapids, it’s parking. Like any large city’s metro center, the city of Grand Rapid’s has minimal options for FREE or inexpensive parking downtown. Those seeking office space downtown can usually count on adding parking as another utility cost.

Enjoy free parking 24/7 at RVC Offices. With over 425 free parking spots and additional free off street parking, you and your guests will never have to deal with expensive monthly parking packages, congested parking ramps, or running back out to your car to feed the meter.

Hours per day
The parking lot is accessible
Free parking spots
For your employees & clients
dollars in savings
Per year per employee!!
Abundant parking

For all tenants & your customers

An individual can pay up to $200 monthly to park downtown. That equates to an annual savings of $2,400 per employee when choosing RVC Offices. You could be saving yourself up to $4-$5/Sq Ft depending on the number of employees in your company. At RVC Offices you can have the downtown location without the downtown price.

The Benefits

The benefits of choosing an office building with free parking

See why RVC Offices is a prime downtown location

No Time Limits
Don’t worry about forgetting to stop the meter on your phone app or not being able to access to your parking spot after a certain time during the week or on weekends. You will have FREE 24/hr access to all our parking spots 365 days a year.
No More Parking Tickets
Free off street parking and in-lot parking for you and your clients around the clock. Never pay a ticket again!
Avoid Special Events Traffic
Avoid the crowds and heavy traffic flow during Grand Rapid’s festivals, ArtPrize and other special events with quick and easy highway access near our parking lot.
Save Money
You will save lots of money for your company and your employees when you take advantage of our free parking.
No more hunting for a spot
The search is over, with close convenient parking and plenty of spaces. Now you have plenty of time to get a coffee before work.
Avoid busy parking garages
Save time waiting in long lines downtown to get in and out of parking garages. Now you can sleep in!